In this week’s blog post, we invited Summer Sanders to share why she thinks runners should swim. She breaks down how the two exercises go hand-in-hand and why they are beneficial to each sport.  Let’s dive in!

This may come as a shock to you, but swimming didn’t come naturally to me. Because we had a backyard pool, my mom wanted my brother and I to be pool safe, so I took lessons at 18 months. I cried every moment of every lesson and didn’t learn to love the water until I was 3. At age 4, I followed my hero-brother to rec swim tryouts and once I swam one lap of the pool the rest was history!

For the runners out there, don’t be intimidated by swimming. No matter how much you run, or how in shape you feel, when your lungs hit the water, it’s as if you have been sitting on the couch eating chocolate all year. I know it’s not fair, but this should be exciting to you! Swimming works a whole new level of your cardiovascular system. By adding swimming to your training, you will be a stronger runner or at least your lungs will think you are.

If you are on the fence and hesitant to dive in, let this be your catalyst. Here is the simple “to-do” list to get you started.

1. Find a proper training suit

Dolfin Uglies offers great suits that you can train in all year ‘round! They aren’t America’s #1 training suit for nothing. 😉

2. Locate your pool

Drive there and get to know it.

3. Create your bag

You will need a towel, a cap and a pair of smart fitting goggles. And if you plan to shower…soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion.

4. You need to know your pace when you pick a lane at the pool

They usually start slower and work across the pool to the fastest. If there are only 2 people in the lane, you can swim sides. If there are already 2 people in the lane, you need to stop both swimmers and let them know it’s time to circle swim. Just like driving, you always stay to the right of the middle line (the black line at the bottom of the pool).

5. If someone catches you in the pool, they should let you know by gently touching your feet

You should then stop at the closest wall and let them pass. You can then go right afterwards as long as no one is right behind them. This is very important: Do not ever swim over someone & don’t let someone swim over you.

I hope this makes you a little more interested in adding swimming as a supplemental sport to your running! Like I said, becoming a good swimmer does take time. Don’t rush it. Use it as an outlet to simply be active and the rest will fall into place, if you keep at it! I have faith in you.

Happy Swimming,

Summer Sanders, Dolfin Brand Ambassador, U.S. Olympian, 2x Gold Medalist & National Champion

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