Dolfin Swimwear Brand Ambassador, Zane Grothe shares his top five tips for getting an edge on the competition. Zane is a World Championship Medalist, a member of the USA Swimming National Team, American Record Holder & International Swimming League Pro Swimmer

1. A good night’s rest

Sleep is overwhelmingly undervalued in the world of athletics. Being well rested will always set you up for success, not matter the sport. Keep in mind that they harder you train, the more rest your body needs to recover and bounce back.

2. Proper nutrition

Swimming requires massive amount of energy. All swimmers know this. Because of this, swimmers need to take the right steps to replenish the nutrients lost. Even if your nerves are getting the best of you, and you don’t feel like eating, you have to eat. My best advice for nutrition at a meet is this: eat exactly what you train on. Your body will know how to respond when fed the same kinds of foods. This goes for meal timing and portion size as well.

3. Stay in your lane

Staying in your lane is just a swimmer’s way of saying focus on yourself, not your competitors. Performing at your highest-level means staying focused on your execution and the tasks at hand. Never compare your swim to another swimmers. You need to keep the focus on yourself. This may seem difficult in today’s world, but it is extremely important.

4. Find what psyches you up & what keeps you calm

Staying cool, calm, and collected during the day is the name of the game for reserving peak performance for the right moment. Also being in the right mindset when racing can boost your performance as well. I use music to do both! I use country music to keep me calm and relaxed during the day, then switch to rock or EDM when I get ready to race.

5. Reflect on your training

Focus on all the highlights and lowlights of the past training season, and specifically on struggle-some moments when you persevered. Recalling these moments of your training progresses will give you the confidence to make the same strides in your races. 

Happy swimming,

Zane Grothe, Dolfin Brand Ambassador

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