Olympic Gold Medalist and Dolfin Brand Ambassador, Summer Sanders shares with our #dolfinpod what she carries in her swim bag in this week’s guest blog!

I know that starting a new sport can be quite a daunting task for many people, myself included. Understanding the etiquette, the lingo and the equipment can feel like a part time job! I have found that if you get your bag set with the proper equipment, you’re already on your swim journey before even getting in the water.

The first part is finding your perfect bag. You can shop all of Dolfin’s swim bags to find your perfect match. Most of Dolfin’s backpacks have lots of compartments that house your little things…like goggles, caps, hair ties, brushes, etc.

(Pictured: Feedback paddle, goggles, kickboard, Royal Blue Mesh Draw String Bag).

Let’s fill up that bag with the must haves!

1.The Essentials

You’ll need the basics, which are caps, goggles, swimsuits and all the other equipment for your stage of swim training, i.e., paddles, fins, pull buoy.  These need to stay in your bag because, although swimming is not an equipment-heavy sport, it is pretty hard to swim without these.

2. A Great Towel

You will need a heavy-duty towel, especially in the wintertime when the choice of towel is critical.  You need one with enough oomph to dry you off a few times. First, when you exit the pool; second, when you exit the shower. Dolfin has a towel that fits all these needs!

3. Pajamas

This is mostly for the kids but now that my kids are doing it, I wish I had back in the day. They pack their coziest PJ’s to change into after practice, especially during after school training sessions.

4. Cozy Shoes

Don’t be crazy and try to change back into your work shoes after swimming. I don’t care where you live, when your feet exit the chlorine after a long swim, they want to be in something snuggly, not sharp and pointy. If you are going straight to work after your swim, change into the “grown up” shoes at the last minute.  Trust me, you will be happier!

5. Extra Essentials

Always keep an extra cap, pair of goggles and swimsuit in your bag. Trust me, you will need this, and you will thank me.

6. An Overnight Kit

Whatever you would need for an overnight stay, pack into your bag! Make a transport kit with your make-up, lotion, deodorant, etc. and keep it in your bag.

Getting in the pool shouldn’t feel like a chore.  Keeping your bag packed with these essentials should help you focus on what you are diving in for! 

Happy Swimming,

Summer Sanders
Dolfin Brand Ambassador, U.S. Olympian, 2x Gold Medalist & National Champion

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